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Posts from the ‘Links’ Category

Feb 1 10


A useful domain name finding tool I came across recently, Domainr lets you search less well known domain name extensions and tries to find the shortest possible domain for any word you enter. Also helpfully shows the availability of the domains it finds.

Jan 31 10


Another nosql project, mongodb provides more than just key-value pair storage. It is a document orientated database (along the lines of relational databases, but without a fixed structure for tables, or relational queries). That is, you can store objects (documents) that contain any combination of fields and data (data being strings, numbers, arrays or objects themselves), and then perform queries on them.

I have been interested in using mongo as a logging system for Ircster for a while now (it supports large sets of data with full text search and very fast queries), however until recently there was no reasonable driver for node. There are now two drivers available node-mongodb (bindings to the C driver) and node-mongodb-native (a JS implementation of the driver). The native driver especially interests me as I can more easily understand and work with the code.

Jan 26 10


I’ve been aware of a number of so called nosql projects (databases that aren’t relational) for some time and I finally have an opportunity to use one for a good reason.

Redis is an extremely fast key-value pair database (a hash table basically) that also includes fast, atomic set and list operations. I’m planning to use it as part of my group software project at uni, the project requires us to handle large amounts of data with a large number of requests per second, which makes 110,000 writes per second (one of the features of Redis) very appealing.